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for everyone. by offering my sharing on radio and tv and on the internet, people can choose to self- educate when they need it. they can prepare themselves. if they are going into a negotiation tomorrow, they can click on to the program and understand that is what they will not tell me even if asked. that is what i have to remember. i have to remember not to sign and to my lawyer has checked it. -- until my lawyer has checked it. this involvement motivates me to help people at an earlier stage rather than just damage control. >> they will know what their rights are before they go into any type of transaction. do you think in the future you can distribute dvd's of lessons people should know before they engage in activities? would that be even more helpful to the local taiwanese and chinese communities? >> we have been doing something like that. we have put them on a usb drive in britain and tv form. people who may not have a fast internet connection can look at it locally. >> we need to take another break. when we come back, we will continue the fascinating conversation with the founder and d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1